Friday, March 28, 2008


please comment on the photos below and tell me how I can improve on them and what you think about them!!

photos of hamilton........

scroll down the page to view some beautiful views, excellent photos and just plain wonderful thing about Hamilton!!! to find out more information about those photos just scroll to the top of the page and read about it!!!

about these photos...

The Piupiu weaving- the piupiu weaving is displayed at the hamilton museum. piupiu is a type of skirt made of flax and tufted native ground fern.

Italian gardens- the Italian gardens is one of the very beautiful gardens in the hamilton gardens. it has pretty flower bushes and beautiful statue fountains. it also has an excellent view of the waikato river!

the rocky horror statue- the rocky horror statue is a statue across the road from garden place, it is the character 'riff raff ' played by richard o brien.

waipa delta- the waipa delta is a big boat that cruises up and down the waikato river, you can buy food while on your cruise, watch the wonderful view from up top or just sit back and relax. it is wonderful for families but it isn't cheap.

the hamilton library- the hamilton library is a library in garden place, it is a wonderful library with lots of educational books for all ages and has comphy sofas and chairs!

fairfield bridge- the fairfield bridge is one of the 5 bridges that go over the waikato river in hamilton. it is an up, down bridge and would be fun for skating on. when on river walks you can see the fairfield bridge!

I hope you now know a lot more about hamilton and some of it's features!